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Trial license of current Diladele Web Safety 3.4 works till 27th of December 2014 and not till 27th of November 2014 as Web UI states. Sorry for this bug!
  Trial Home Small Businesses Academic/Educational Enterprise
License Fee Free 2 month trial 12€ per year (max 10 devices/users) 99€ per year (max 25 devices/users) 199€ per year regardless of the number of devices/users Contact support@diladele.com for great discounts!


Fully Functional Web Filtering Proxy Virtual Appliance with Free Trial License ††

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† New users are entitled to free trial period of approximately 2 months. If you are not satisfied with the product after trial period is over please remove it and find time to share your ideas about bugs, issues and possible improvements with support@diladele.com. We will try to make it better!

† † Built in trial license ends on 27th of December 2014. After trial period is over please purchase home, business or commercial license for our application product.